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Manufacturing equipment & capacity

Processes involved in PCB assembly demand a high degree of capability and quality assurance. Our qualified and highly trained professional team along with state of the art equipment enables us to provide the optimal solution to satisfy your production needs.


Our SMT lines equipped with Panasonic and Yamaha high-speed shooters and flexible mounters have the capacity of 300,000 placements per hour. In addition to AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) machines that inspect for manually unseen defectives in seconds per board, real time X-ray inspection is also utilized in our production to assure solder joins of BGA chips comply to the soldering standard. These value-added services further ensure the electronic assemblies will perform to the required specifications when they are integrated into final products.

MI & Assembly

Our lead-free wave soldering machine utilizes both standard and chip (ultrasound) waves to assure a quality, reliable solder joint on all the latest electronic packages. The capacity has reached over 500 PCBA's per hour.


Chant customizes a test plan around the requirements each sub-assembly or product built with either board or product testing to achieve total test coverage cost-effectively. Board level testing includes either ICT (In-Circuit Tester) or automated MDA (Manufacturing Defect Analyzer) while product level testing is often conducted with dedicated functional test fixture.

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